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Coral Cottage Series AUDIOBOOK Bundle Plus a BONUS Read!

Coral Cottage Series AUDIOBOOK Bundle Plus a BONUS Read!

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From a USA Today bestselling author, the Coral Cottage series is all about second chances in a sunny small town. Join the fun in Summer Beach, where the bonds of family, friendship, and love prove unbreakable. Start this heartwarming, feel-good women's fiction series now.

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CORAL COTTAGE - When Marina Moore’s life implodes on national television, she seeks refuge at her grandmother’s beach house called the Coral Cottage. Now in her mid-forties with children in college, Marina is in dire need of her grandmother's gutsy advice. Marina meets an old friend, Ivy Bay, proprietor of the Seabreeze Inn, who encourages her to share her love of food at the local farmer’s market. Soon Marina’s sister Kai arrives on a summer break from her musical theater troupe. Meanwhile, Jack Ventana is on a six-month sabbatical to write his first book. The only company he wants is his inquisitive Labrador Retriever puppy, but when he receives a call from an old colleague, he finds his life altered in ways he never imagined—including the prospect of romance. What began as a short, reclusive holiday is destined to change Marina’s life.

CORAL CAFE - When Marina Moore decides to expand her farmers market and pop-up dinner business, the next step is a cafe on the shores of Summer Beach at her grandmother's beach house. But challenges loom, and Marina must quickly become more creative than ever. Her sister Kai's position with a musical theater troupe forces more changes. Their sister Brooke is having marital challenges, while grandmother Ginger continues to contribute her advice on the life well-lived—if only her granddaughters will listen. Meanwhile, writer Jack Ventana stumbles onto more old secrets in Summer Beach, and his overgrown Labrador retriever puppy Scout manages to dig his way into more trouble. When the status quo changes between Jack and Marina, their budding romance is threatened.

CORAL HOLIDAY - Marina Moore's new Coral Cafe at her grandmother's beach house is a Summer Beach favorite of locals and visitors alike. When her sister Kai throws her energy into helping create a Summer Beach performing arts theater, the entire family gets involved in a new holiday musical production with locals and celebrities. As writer Jack Ventana struggles to adapt to his new role as a single father in a small beach town, his fledgling romantic relationship with Marina suffers. Will this holiday bring them together or force them apart? Join Marina and Kai as they involve the entire Summer Beach community in casting and performing a new holiday show to celebrate the joy of Christmas and winter holidays.

CORAL WEDDINGS - At the Coral Cottage, this summer is as busy as ever. Marina's sister Kai moved up her wedding, but she won't say why, and her new theater production is a huge secret. Still, Marina is determined to expand her Coral Cafe with a new food truck and staff. As for Marina's relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Jack, she's unsure if her grown children will accept a new marriage and a younger stepbrother. Or will this summer spell an end to their romance? Their grandmother and matriarch of the family, the indomitable Ginger Delavie, doles out unusual advice. But even a strong woman like Ginger can only take so much.


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Discover second chances in Summer Beach. Includes the first five books in the Coral Cottage Series!

🏆 USA TODAY Bestsellers and an Award-Winning Narrator

Meet Marina Moore and her sisters as her new life in Summer Beach unfolds at their grandmother's beach house, the Coral Cottage. Sweet romance and women's fiction for readers who enjoy Elin Hilderbrand and Mary Kay Andrews.

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🏖 Coral Cottage - When Marina Moore’s life implodes on national television at 45, she seeks refuge at her grandmother’s beach house, the Coral Cottage. Eager to recreate her life, she sells baked goods at the farmers market, yet writer Jack Ventana and his overgrown puppy complicate things. Romantic women's fiction and a sweet, small-town beach read.

🏖 Coral Cafe - Marina opens a cafe on the shores of Summer Beach, yet challenges arise when her children need help. Her sister Kai’s musical theater troupe forces more changes, and Jack and Marina's budding romance is threatened. A sweet, slow-burn, romantic women's fiction.

🏖 Coral Holiday - Marina helps her sister Kai create a Summer Beach performing arts theater and race to open with a Christmas special. Jack struggles to adapt to his new role as a single father, and Marina has a choice to make. A small-town Christmas beach read.

🏖 Coral Weddings - 
While Marina expands the cafe with a new food truck, Kai plans a wedding and a new production. Marina and Jack struggle with their children's problems. Will this summer spell an end to their romance? Clean, romantic women’s fiction with family and friendship.

🏖 Coral Celebration - Marina and her sister Kai, entrusted with managing Summer Beach’s one-hundred-year celebration, navigate treacherous waters. Age-old grudges and family secrets soon resurface. Their grandmother’s hidden past casts a shadow, forcing them to confront dangerous truths.

BONUS! Summer Beach Welcome Kit — Welcome to Summer Beach. This is a friendly community, especially if you’re starting over, as Ivy Bay and Marina Moore discover at the Seabreeze Inn and Coral Cottage. Your free Welcome Kit includes family trees, a map, a coupon code, a printable booklist and bookmark, recipes, and more!

Book Reviews

“Wonderful characters and a sweet story.” – Kellie Coates Gilbert, Bestselling Author
“A fun read that grabs you at the start.” – Tina Sloan, Author and Award-Winning Actress
“Jan Moran is the queen of the epic romance.” —Rebecca Forster, USA Today Bestselling Author

“The women are intelligent and strong. At the core is a strong, close-knit family.” — Betty’s Reviews

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